Thanks go to all of those who attended our annual Easter Ham Dinner on April 14th and stayed to enjoy the amazing music of Chris and Leah. We sold tickets to 99 adults, 3 youth and 3 young children (free of charge) which added $1740.00 to our CMUC general fund to help us continue our church’s important work. Thanks also go to our amazing cooks and all those who donated all the food and beverages and set up, took down and/or decorated our Morgan Hall in beautiful Easter touches and colours. Our Easter Dinner was a really fun evening which drew many of our congregation together with members from neighbouring churches (eg. City View United, Riverside United, St. Marks Anglican, Trinity Unity, Emmanuel United, to name only a few) as well others from the greater community. We were particularly appreciative of the sup-port provided by the Cadets group which rents space at CMUC. They carried up the chairs and long tables from our basement and set them all up in Morris Morgan Hall. As always Rev. Eric spoke warmly on behalf of CMUC and started our dinner off by saying Grace.

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