Vision and Mission

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Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called the children of God.       –Matthew 5:9


Our veterans served and sacrificed so that we can live in a community where people are free to be who they are and feel that they are welcome.  We prayerfully build on this foundation and commit to continuing to grow.

We further envision peace-making in an inward sense by being a spiritual safe-haven for all people, as we embrace differences in sexual orientation, gender identity, age, mental and physical ability, family status, economic standing and cultural background.



Peace, Courage, Confidence

Carleton Memorial United Church is a friendly and affirming Christian community welcoming to all.  We support and encourage everyone to participate in all aspects of the life and work of our congregation: asking questions, exploring faith, and cultivating gifts. We are one family.  Whether gathered for celebration and learning, or scattered in care and service, we seek to live out God’s love, peace, and justice with courage, humility, and joy for everyone and all creation.  Welcome to a safe space and a diverse place with a variety of paths to belonging and becoming.

  • Engaging worship and music
  • Refugee sponsorships with local and global outreach
  • Small group ministries
  • Active lay leadership
  • Team-building with paid staff
  • Community and global outreach
  • Pastoral care and Spiritual Direction
  • Hospitality and fun-filled social gatherings

Where some see chaos, we find peace.  Where some see despair, we find courage.  Where some see fear, we find confidence.  Come to Carleton Memorial and find the difference.  Together, we can grow our better selves and build a brighter world.  Thanks be to God.