The Jack and Kay Hempstock Scholarship Fund

The application deadline for Carleton Memorial United Church’s Hempstock Application is September 30, 2022. Eligibility requirements are:

1. be affiliated with Carleton Memorial United Church

2. AND one of the following:

– be entering a university to study for the Christian Ministry
– be entering a university to study medicine or science and be in need of financial assistance
– be a post-graduate student studying Christian Ministry, medicine, or science in 3rd world countries or doing scientific research in disease control

Successful applicants will be awarded up to $1000 depending on the number of successful applicants, a total of $5000 is available for awards. Please contact the office for an application form.


About the Scholarship Fund

This Fund was endowed in 1999 and was made possible by a bequest of Katherine Hempstock. Kay Hempstock was a charter member of Carleton Memorial United Church and was Secretary of the Board of Stewards for the first eleven years. In 1966, she became the first of two women members of Session. For many years she was a dedicated and caring Sunday School teacher. Jack Hempstock was the first Secretary of the Official Board. He was also a long-time leader with the “82nd” (Carleton Memorial) Scout Troop.

Previous Recipients

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