Join Us for In-Person Worship!

We hold regular services on 10:30 am every Sunday. See you at church!

If there is a cancellation, it will be posted on this page.


Visiting a new church for the first time can be a bit intimidating: When do I stand and sit? What should I wear? What will my children do? We want you to feel at home when you come to CMUC. Here are our responses to questions we are commonly asked. Just click on a question for the answer.

We want you to wear whatever you feel comfortable wearing. We are thrilled that you are joining us so come as you are. Some people wear jeans and a t-shirt. Others wear their “Sunday best.” Whatever you want to wear is perfectly fine … you’ll fit right in!

CMUC is located at 740 Melfa Crescent near the corner of Prince of Wales and Hog’s Back Road.

Your children worship with you for the first fifteen minutes of the service. After a conversation with the minister at the front of the church with the other children, they head to Sunday School. At Sunday School, they learn a Bible story, make crafts and play games. They’ll have a great time! There is a nursery available for little ones or if they would prefer to remain with you, there is a special place in our sanctuary with toys and games that the kids can play with while you take in the service from our comfy leather couch.

Don’t worry, our minister will invite you to stand or sit along with everyone else.

If you are visiting with us, we don’t expect you to put money in the offering plate and you are welcome to just let it pass by. If you want to support our ministry and mission, we’d love for you to prayerfully consider giving to Carleton Memorial United Church. You can give by cheque or cash during the service.

No two services are exactly alike at CMUC. We are eclectic in our worship style. That said, there is always music, prayer, scripture reading and a message. Generally, there are three “movements” during the service: a welcoming/centering time, a message, and a responsive time. Sometimes our services are “busy.” Sometimes they are more meditative. But we always strive to be relevant, and provide transcendent and transformative worship experiences.

There are no belief requirements for attendance at CMUC. Our congregation members hold a broad range of beliefs. Whether you have a lot of faith or a little, what matters most is that you come seeking the sacred.